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EPOS Systems and Software

Our EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) systems offer a range of advanced features including online ordering and booking, table planning, stock reports, loyalty systems, cover reporting, wet and dry split bills, barcoding, stock management, promotions, printing invoices and more.

Combined, these features will make the sales process more efficient and give staff more time to focus on providing excellent customer service.

Why EPOS Systems are beneficial to a business:

  • Most systems have the ability for staff to clock in and out, and you can track your top-performing staff.
  • In the current economic climate, you need to do everything to maintain your cash flow. A good electronic point of sale system will help you to do this by keeping accurate stock control data, ensuring you don’t overstock.
  • Installing an EPOS system can help reduce costs, improve cash flow and prevent the loss of sales. Owners and employees can integrate several business systems, as well as simplify stock and ordering.
  • EPOS systems improve the speed and efficiency of transactions, enabling staff to concentrate on their customers. This leads to a good customer relationship, and encourages customers to return.

Here at Cash Tills Direct, our team are always willing to give any help and advice you may need if you are thinking of using an EPOS system in your business. Call us today on 01403 710711.

EPOS for Restaurants

We offer the very best EPOS solution, tailored to your business. We will work with you to identify your key needs and requirements, so that your system provides a first class service to your customers.
epos for restuarants

EPOS for Bars and Pubs

We offer solutions for any type of bar environments, built to provide a fast, intuitive user interface which is easy to program and maintain. We offer installation, and staff training, and on going support.
epos for bars and pubs

EPOS for Coffee Shops, Bars, Clubs, Chippies, Salons and all types of Retail

There are lots of customisation that can be made to your EPOS solution allowing you to easily manage eat in, take away, billing, accounts and integrated contactless payment solutions. These systems save time, are very proficient and ensure swifter transactions.
epos for coffee shops

EPOS for Retail

We offer solutions to suit any type or retain environments, featuring a range of peripherals including printers, scanners, cash drawers, customer display screens, card payment terminals and more. There are brilliant additional services including; online ordering, gift cards, vouchers and loyalty schemes.
epos for retail

Upgrading from your Current System to EPOS

If you are in retail you may currently have a point of sale (pos system). However, in recent years they have been vastly improved and new developments in sales process management meant a need for an electronic point of sale system (epos) system to come into play and replace older systems. The main reasons for upgrading your old POS system and replacing with EPOS include:

  • More payment methods can be accepted
  • Digital shopping cart data can be monitored
  • Several stores can be simultaneously managed
  • Reporting including sales stats are offered
  • Customer reward and loyalty schemes can be set up
  • Gift cards can be issued and redeemed
  • 365 day technical support
  • No annual renewal fees
  • Option to buy, rent or lease
  • Short and Long Term Rental
  • Clear, focused and transparent pricing
  • Quick support system
  • Onsite training and support
  • Professional and friendly engineers

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